What happens after I sign up?

Bizness Inc Auto Blog Posting System Information Click On this link get a FREE WordPress Blog Site, FREE Hosting for It and FREE domain you choose!

Your one time payment is verified the evening of the day you sign up. Your monthly charge starts up the day after. You are emailed confirmation of your payments as welll as an email to activate your account. .

As soon as we receive your order we will verify the domains you asked for are available. If you entered parked domains in the gird during sign up then we will email you the change to the dns records you or your domain registrar must make to activate those parked domains. In less that a week, hopefullly in 1-3 business days, your blog menu items will be come active in your web auto blog system account and you will be able to start setting up a few post templates then select from a post template and create a post to the blog site(s) you want starting at such and such a date, with a recurring cylce or just a one time post.

You will know everything is set up as we will send you(usually in 1-3 business days unless it is a huge order) an email explaining everyting is set up, as well as your login information to your new blog site(s) and as well as ftp login account name, and ftp username and ftp password for you to add any new plugins to your new wordpress blog sites. At that same time we will email you instructions on how to set up auto posting to your Existing FaceBook and/or Twitter accounts for free.

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